Baby it’s cold outside.

19 degrees last night.

I grew up in the northeast. In fact, I’m a born and bred Vermonter, pronounced: [ver-mon-er]. I should be comfortable in the frigid arctic temperatures of a long, loooong winter. The truth? I’ve gone soft. After years of living in California and now five here in North Carolina…honestly… I’m cold.

Let’s warm up, shall we?

Living Etc

These chairs are the most amazing color yellow. Paired with the dark slate blue walls, you’ve got a very traditional room that feels so contemporary. In my imagination, there’s a blizzard outside that window – work and school have been cancelled, but my friends live within walking distance. We’re warm and toasty, having tea by the fire.

House Beautiful

This room feels like it’s actually glowing…

Seeing Design

I bet this open living space feels as good in the summer as it does in the winter.

House Beautiful

Stunning. Love the black and gold accents.

Homes and Gardens

Upscale Hobbit:

Architectural Digest

I love the scrubbed down look here. So tidy – it makes me think of New England.

Elle Decor

I’m in love with this look. The bed in this room is so warm, there would be no need to touch your toes down onto the icy floor…

Elle Decor
Lefevre Interiors

Proof that I do go back to Vermont from time to time…

2 thoughts on “Baby it’s cold outside.

  1. I wish I were having tea (or hot chocolate) with you right now! I would take any of those rooms as long as there is a roaring fire to sit by.

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