little tiny house fantasy

When I was little, there was a closet under the stairway. At the back of the closet, behind the coats and the vacuum cleaner, behind the wrapping paper and extra dishes, there was a little space just big enough for a seven year old girl. In that little space, I plugged in a lamp, cleared the floor, leaned a picture against the wall, and claimed it for my own.

I guess you could say I’ve always liked little spaces that contained only what I needed and nothing more. I often find myself day dreaming about tiny living in my grown up life. I wonder if the folks from Tumbleweed had little rooms under the stairs long ago?

Tumbleweed Lusby (117 square feet)

Tumbleweed Lusby Interior

Tumbleweed Lusby Loft
Tumbleweed Harbinger (310 square feet)
Tumbleweed Sebastarosa (750 square feet)
Tumbleweed Weller (107 square feet)
Tumbleweed Weebee Interior
Tumbleweed XS House Kitchen
Tumbleweed B-53 (777 square feet)
Tumbleweed Gifford (99 square feet)
Tumbleweed Loring (356 square feet)
Tumbleweed Anderjack (99 square feet)
Tumbleweed Epu Loft

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One thought on “little tiny house fantasy

  1. As my wife knows, I used to set up a table and lamp in the tiny closet off of my bedroom when I was about 7-8 years old. Match made in heaven?

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