Prospect and Refuge

I’ve been reading the book House Thinking lately (it’s terrific so it will definitely be showing up on my Bedside Reading page soon). In it, Winifred Gallagher distills down the architect Grant Hildebrand’s theory of “prospect and refuge” as it applies to architecture like this:

“The most important evolutionary elements of an appealing home are the paired features of prospect, or a big, bright space that has a broad, interesting view, and refuge, or a snug protected haven.

The idea (very simplified) is that we all need a place to expand, socialize, and be active, in addition to a cozy, introspective space to retreat. Could there be a better example of this than a beautiful bedroom with a great view? I thought I would share a few gorgeous examples with you this morning.

I'd add a warm throw rug, a puffy down comforter, and never leave.



A bedroom that opens up to a pool terrace!



an open air tropical bedroom



Demi Moore and Ashton's bedroom!



can you imagine waking up to this?


And…perhaps only slightly less grand…


View from our tent this weekend. A true retreat!


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