Downsizing & Organizational Services

By now many have read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. People ask me about it all the time. It’s a good book with some excellent strategies for clearing out the clutter. My hat is off to anyone who has gone through the process and succeeded.

That said, if you’re like most people, you need help.

Whether you are downsizing or just need to wrangle your clutter in, the biggest success stories include an organizing professional who was working right along side the client. I’m here as muscle, motivator, support system, and sometimes just to hold your feet to the fire and keep you accountable. Organizing is hard work and completely overwhelming to most people. With me by your side, you’ll finally get through your stuff and start living a prettier, less distracting, and more organized life.

Please Note: I’m not here to tell you to throw everything out. I’m here to make sure you select what you love and it’s organized when I leave.

How Do We Start?

Contact me to schedule a 1-hour consult so we can get to know each other and discuss a strategy for your specific needs. (Fee: $65)

Organizing Sessions Fee: $55/hour

Sessions are scheduled in 4-hour blocks. After many years I’ve found this to be the magic number. It’s long enough to move through a ton of stuff yet at the four hour mark clients are pretty tired and ready to stop. Believe it or not, they’re physically tired but mentally energized by the time we finish. Now doesn’t that sound refreshing?

How Many Sessions?

As few or as many as you like. The schedule fills fast however so call now if you have a specific project in mind to accomplish.

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