Spring Market in High Point

I just returned from a fantastic trip to the Spring Market in High Point. For those of you who are unfamiliar, this event is the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the world, “bringing together over 85,000 people from 110 countries”. This was my third show and I still find myself absolutely breathless as I walk the showrooms filled with some of the most beautiful and cutting edge design – the furnishings and decor that we’ll start seeing in magazines in the coming months.

For many, the show is a place to buy inventory for their retail stores. It’s also a place for small designers to source furniture and decor for their clients from vendors who don’t require minimum orders (i.e. you can buy one lamp or one sofa, and don’t need to stock several items to have an account). Whether you are large or small however, it’s definitely the place to spot new trends…and share them with your loyal blog followers!!!

Here are a few of the latest that caught my eye.


The most important trend to note is one that actually builds on what I saw at the Fall show: Color is making it’s way back. With the rough economy, it seemed like everything went towards safe neutrals. Color started creeping back in with subtle nods in the fall, but this spring they are getting more and more bold.  The showroom floor for C.R. Laine was a perfect example.


This pattern appears to make a comeback every 20-30 years but usually in the fashion industry (think Chanel). In an IDS lecture I attended, Leah Guttersen, Director of Product for Greenhouse Fabrics said this pretty check will be making an appearance this spring. Expect to see it in fun color combos and unusual fabrics. I wish I had taken a picture of the pink and purple silk houndstooth pillow I saw! Lesson learned for Fall Market – when they allow it, take lots of photos.

Via DecorPad by Gina Kates

Small Chairs

I love this trend. As the owner of a S-M-A-L-L living room (16′ x 14′ which also includes the entryway), I dream of traditional furniture that has been scaled down to fit my space. I want club chairs and wing-backs too! This week I felt like Goldilocks sitting down in her “just right” chair.  These are going to be great for the bedroom too, where space is often limited. Hickory Chair and Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams had my favorite examples – but no photography allowed. No worries, look for photos on this blog as I start seeing them come out in the shelter magazines and websites.


Everywhere and on everything…

I loved this peacock pillow!

Upholstery Nails

Of course these have been in style for a long time but now we’re seeing them used slightly differently. Larger sizes seem to be the trend.

And always in style? A picture of yourself with someone you admire.

Me with author/designer Thomas Jayne

Want to see what books I bought while I was there? See Bedside Reading here.

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