The Gift of Spaciousness

Over ten years ago, I cut the following quote out of a magazine and put it in a teeny, tiny frame on my refrigerator. There were many things that didn’t make the cut when we made the three-thousand mile move (again) across country – but this little quote was worth remembering:

One of the biggest luxuries you can have is spaciousness. Even a small apartment needs some spaciousness, and that means getting rid of things.

Indeed, spaciousness…

Maybe it’s just because it’s spring, or maybe it’s all the de-cluttering articles I’ve been reading, but I’ve been thinking alot about this lately as the five year anniversary of living in our first home has come and gone. I’m making a commitment to let a few of our belongings move on in the coming weeks.

Where to start?

Many of my clients know where to take clothing and small items, but are unsure what to do with larger things like furniture. Here are some suggestions:

Consignment Stores: If you have multiple pieces of furniture, consignment stores will often come and pick them up at no charge. Then  – they do the work of selling while you get a cut of the profit. Two great sources in our area are Classic Treasures and Once and Again Antiques.

Craigslist or eBay: I’m a huge fan! You can make a better profit than you would with a consignment store, but be prepared to put in some effort answering questions, setting up a time for people to see things, and being your own salesperson.

Donation: In this economy, there are alot of people in need. Many second hand stores will take furniture in addition to smaller items. TROSA, here in Durham, will even pick things up for free. You can take a tax deduction and do a good deed all at once.

What needs to go?

The main reason people have a hard time getting rid of things is guilt. Maybe it was expensive, or perhaps it was a gift. It might have been really important or necessary at one time, but now things are different. Of course there are some things that you may never be able to let go of – but there are probably just as many that fall under the following categories:

  • you never liked it
  • it just doesn’t fit the space (too big, too small, wrong configuration)
  • you haven’t used it in years
  • it’s been in the attic or the garage, or worse – you’re paying to store it!
  • it’s broken
  • you are annoyed, stressed, anxious, unhappy, every time you look at it

So, let it go…and tell us about it!  You’ll be amazed how good it feels.

2 thoughts on “The Gift of Spaciousness

  1. You read my mind! In the midst of moving, I find this post timely. I will keep you posted on my experience of “letting things go.” I let two things go this morning, and already feel better. Next up: clothing and shoes.

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