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Wow, business is booming lately! I’m chalking it up to the feng shui principles I applied last week. 😉

I’ve got my roller skates on with lots of staging jobs and some really exciting design projects. One in particular has me researching solutions for the ever-challenging foyer. It’s a rare home that has all the elements needed for a perfect entry.

So what are the elements of an appealing and functional entry? Here are some things that I look for:

  • A place to hang your coat. Either a closet (if you’re lucky) or an attractive rack and hooks
  • A place to store shoes that are particularly dirty (the stilettos can go in the bedroom closet, but the gardening shoes? NO.)
  • A mirror (one last look before leaving the house)
  • A landing strip – a place to put the mail/keys/daily detritus instead of the kitchen counter
  • Art – this space welcomes people into your home. It’s a taste of what’s to come!
  • Lighting on a dimmer switch. Sometimes I want the entry to look pretty (when hosting a diner party), and sometimes I just really need to see what I’m doing (putting the dog harness on Sally which is supposed to stop her from pulling…but doesn’t)

"I don't pull. My mom is just a slow walker."

So how about some photos of pretty entries? Even if we can’t have something quite as grand as what follows in these pictures, perhaps there is a small element that will inspire you (without needing a construction loan).

design by Barbara Westbrook via House Beautiful

The antique buffet in this entry acts as a useful and flexible piece of furniture by providing a landing strip and storage.

via Canadian House and Home

Notice the funky print fabric they use in this design for the coat closet door (it’s peeking out on the right side of the photo). An easy DIY project any of us could accomplish!

Designer Tom Scheerer via House Beautiful

This entry is so inviting – it’s big enough to accommodate some real action. Do you have a separate room for an entry? Lucky!!!

design by Holly Dyment via Canadian House and Home

It would take a special homeowner with fearless style to pull this one off. I’m a little too conservative for this myself – but it was so unique I wanted to share.

Designer Randall Powers via House Beautiful

If I could have one thing in this entry hall, it would be that gorgeous light fixture on the ceiling. Oh…and the doors too.

So do you have an extra mirror that you could hang? How about a pretty lamp or some artwork? I don’t have a coat closet so I’m on the hunt for an armoire. How about a nice looking coat rack like this one from Ballard Designs?

Now…where to put those muddy shoes?


Need some help with your entry hall? Give me a call!

3 thoughts on “The Perfect Entry

  1. Your timing couldn’t have been better with this post. I have not been liking our entry lately. Always cluttered with kids stuff! We are thinking about having some nice wooden lockers built so everyone will have their own space. It is helpful to have a brother-in-law who can make furniture. We are going to see if he might be able to create something for us. Tell Sally she is way cuter than the golden at the beginning of your entry. Miss You!

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