Tired of the same old stores this holiday?

I am an obsessive list maker. There is nothing more delightful than sitting down with a big cup of coffee and setting pen to paper, recording everything from tasks to complete, on up to my goals, dreams, and aspirations. I draw pictures, use bullet points, emphasize the really important stuff with stars, and even use proper outline formatting (complete with roman numerals, letters,  & numbers…). Oh how I do love a list.

Alas…..the holiday gift list is something completely different. I sit. I wait. Nothing comes to me. I get up for more coffee.

It’s December 1st today!

To help get the wheels turning – for me and any of you who might also be struggling with the same blank piece of paper, I want to introduce you to a site called Etsy. Some of you may already know about this amazing web site full of handmade offerings like art, photography, jewelry, ceramics, and yes, even home decor! It’s like having the most beautiful craft fair at your desk. Here are just a few pretty things to get you (and me) going.

Stocking stuffer?

Vintage Ice Cream Spoon - Woodenhive

These beautiful linen tea towels would make a delightful hostess gift.

Pony and Poppy Tea Towels (based in NC)

Taper candles with French writing on them? These certainly beat the plain ones I buy at the grocery store!

A personalized print with everyone’s name on it would be a fun gift for special a family.

I kind of love these pillows. I’d like to see them on a fussy frilly bed or an antique sofa ;).

Alexandra Ferguson - pillows

A vase is always appropriate. How about something a little different like these from RomiCeramics.

The same artist makes these funky salt and pepper shakers. They look like they should be in the MOMA gift store!

Special paper is the perfect “something little” for a friend or office mate.

Etsy even has flowers

Flowers by Flores Del Sol

Ok, someone MUST buy this little headpiece! If this little bean was at my house for the holidays, nobody would notice that my mantel was’t decorated…

I hope you go and look at Etsy. While you’re there, perhaps you’ll find something for yourself too!

All photos from the Etsy website.

3 thoughts on “Tired of the same old stores this holiday?

  1. What great suggestions for ways to spread beauty and joy this season – to friends and family, creative artists who need and deserve support, and to oneself! Thanks for doing the preliminary sorting, Malissa. I’m off to visit Etsy now!

  2. I can’t wait to check out this website tonight. I think I would get in trouble if I looked at it while at work although it is tempting!

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