How did I get here?

My background began in staging homes for the real estate market. Specializing in occupied houses as opposed to vacant, I put in thousands of hours learning how to make the most of any  home using what people already owned. Clients and Realtors loved it. I would hear “Now I don’t want to move!” Over time, my inbox started filling up with requests for help from those same people when they moved to their new homes. Working with clients to re-imagine their space by using what they have, editing a little, and layering in new pieces, paint colors, fabrics and accessories continues to be creative bliss for me.

What makes my mouth water?

An empty room and a huge budget? Nope. It’s a room I can identify with. It’s got clutter and pets and grandma’s old hutch and an Ikea coffee table. It’s got one good pillow and a fabulous piece of artwork in a bad frame from a favorite uncle. The couch stays but maybe we’ll recover the chair. Oh – and we need more lamps. Like needing more cowbell (ha!)…we all need more lamps.

While working with my clients, whether to breath new life into an old room that’s never worked, organizing that space that they’re embarrassed to show guests, or helping to bring in new color and pretty accessories to finish off a space, I think of my work as a collaborative process. I’ll teach you what I know. I’ve got plenty to share about going from forgettable to fabulous in a space that currently bums you out.

Are you ready? Let’s begin now!