My wonderful clients are the reason I’m in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said.

“Malissa helped us to stage our house for sale with a full color consultation and whole house staging. The feedback we received from perspective buyers was fantastic. Everyone loved the fresh colors and the overall peacefulness and beauty of the staging. Given that we have two kids, two dogs, a herd of cats, and all the stuff that goes with those, transforming our home to a top notch show home was a very impressive feat. Malissa’s sense of color and style are impeccable, and her talent for using the ordinary things in our house for beautiful effect was amazing. We are so impressed we are thinking of hiring her to do her magic on our new home.”  ~S.L. Durham


“Malissa McLeod truly made our house fabulous in less than one day! Our family had about one month to sell our house before we relocated to another city.  Using her invaluable expertise, she gave us the suggestions that helped our house sell in less than 2 weeks. As parents of two-year-old twins, one can image the amount of clutter, sentimental objects, pictures, and toys we had laying about. Malissa was extremely sensitive to our needs, and helped us arrange our home in a way which was desirable for potential buyers and also livable for us while the house was on the market.  Malissa actually suggested arrangements in two rooms that I wish I’d had while living in it!  I highly recommend Malissa McLeod’s design skills for anyone needing to sell a home.”  ~M.P. Chapel Hill


“Malissa is a miracle worker.  She took a small, dark one bedroom apartment and turned it into a beautiful, bright bungalow!  Her ability to see the potential in my new space and to make it into my new home is remarkable! Her loving touches, her placement of photos and her creative use of furniture are her trademark! My bungalow is just gorgeous.” ~E.P. Raleigh NC


“Malissa combines her great listening skills with her design training and innate flair, to produce incredible results in hours.  In one short morning, she transformed our living spaces, fulfilling our two goals: to make them cozier and more inviting, and to display our artwork and artifacts.  Our friends can’t believe the difference.  Malissa’s a wizard!”~R.L. Durham NC


“The experience we had with Malissa McLeod was nothing short of spectacular.  When we were ready to sell our house, our realtor was adamant that we should work with Malissa to get the house ready.  Malissa was amazing.  She walked us through the house, told us what was priority for tackling and how to approach the process.  We buckled down and did exactly what she told us.  Then, when it was staging day, she was in and out in no time.  She made the house look beautiful by simply moving things around into new locations.  She was also available to us via email and phone during the clean out and after the staging process.  She was a partner in the team that was needed to get our house up and ready.  The photos for our MLS listing were amazing and we sold the house in record time!  I highly recommend working with Malissa…you won’t regret it!” ~M.D. Durham NC


“Over the course of a few hours, Malissa transformed my cluttered, quite lived-in home into an airy, spacious, beautiful tableau that was ready for its close up.  Her fresh perspective on my home’s design potential was invaluable, and the results speak for themselves.  The house was on the market for three days and is now under contract at 99% of its list price.  Brava, Malissa!” ~A.N. Durham NC


“Our living room and adjacent music room went from blah to WOW! That is the first word out of our friends mouths upon seeing the change. Malissa took an ordinary, underused room and found life. The rooms now have individual spaces that provide us with choices. The rooms feel open and connected like never before. She went beyond creating many connected spaces by selecting those personal items we have and placing them in just the right spot so that what is important to us becomes a focus. We are using the rooms now and that says a lot about Malissa’s talent! Thank you!!!!!”~D.J. Durham NC


“Malissa McLeod was excellent in every way. Punctuality, energy, communication, conversation, placement and design, time management, professional boundaries. She was positive and enthusiastic every step of the way.  A superior experience for me.  After this, I swore that I would never settle for mediocre help again. I want the best – like Malissa. A model of good professionalism!” ~S.N. Chapel Hill NC


“Malissa has done an amazing transformation of our living room. A room that was used mainly to walk through in order to get to other parts of the house has now become a favorite social spot as well as a place to spend time reading and relaxing. Many of our things were made to look new by the way Malissa arranges treasured pictures and furniture. I enjoy just spending time in our “new” living room!”~J.J.  Durham NC


“Malissa combines professional expertise with tact, warmth and enthusiasm.  I enjoyed working with her and am delighted with the results of the “redesign.”  She has my unqualified recommendation.  In fact, I have already passed her name along to several friends who want to declutter and rearrange.”  ~L.H. Chapel Hill NC